FREE small business drop-in clinic

We’ll be launching our new work-from-hom-at-Sip-Club daytime opening hours with the first of a series of FREE small business drop-in clinics on Wednesday May 20th at 2pm. The idea is that small businesses can drop in and pick up free advice from the professionals of whatever field they’re having issues with. As a small business owner myself, I know that I can waste hours scouring Google, looking for a black and white answer to a niggling and relatively nuanced question that could have been answered by a professional in under a minute.


The idea is that people can come along and help a neighbour out by sharing their particular area of expertise. This month we’ll be getting help from an Accountant, an HR and an IT professional, with a few other professionals in the areas of employment and law dropping down too.

If you’d like some advice on your small business, just pop by on May 20th from 2pm. If you have a profession that you think might be useful to others and you’re interested in being involved in skill sharing, do get in touch –

Sip by Day is open Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm. We offer great coffee, using locally produced beans, boutique tea blends, free Wi-Fi, homemade cake and a range of light lunch options including our super pimped toasties. It’s the perfect environment to outsource your work from home day without the temptation of Netflix, a warm bath, or doing the washing up…

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