Made in M32

We’ve another of our famous #madeinm32 craft events coming up. There’ll be 13 different sellers at this one, from all over Stretford (and in some cases a little bit beyond). You’ll be able to buy the beautiful hand crafted products that they’ve put their blood, sweat and tears into creating.

The event will be on Sunday May 10th from 2pm-6pm. There will also be coffee, cake and a light lunch available at the bar.

This month we’ll be showcasing the works of:

Molly with her vintage fabric badges

made in m32
Helen and her knitted and crocheted goodies

Nicky’s homemade cards and occasion stationary

made in m32
Shirley’s framed prints and photo cards

made in m32
Michelle and Daniel’s homemade jams and chutneys

made in m32
Helena’s homemade homewares
Jane’s Homemade cards/homewares
Sandy’s photos, paintings and macrame¬†

made in m32
Lisa’s fine art portraits

made in m32
Karen’s homemade bags

made in m32
Michelle’s homemade bunting
Noelle’s framed prints and collages
Jenny’s pottery and knitting

made in m32 made in m32

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