Looking back on a Stretford Year

Stretford has changed a huge amount in the last year or so, thanks in large part to our rather idiosyncratic social media presence. People have realised there are others just like them in our town and a range of new and exciting businesses have started to spring up – the fabulous independent flower shop just across the road from us, the two record shops that now live in the marketplace of the Mall, our ‘mod’ styled chip shop. Lord, we even have a West African restaurant – chew on that Chorlton!

The next few years are set to be very exciting, a local group have taken over our 19thc public hall for use as a community centre, and the local council are pouring money into narrowing roads and creating pleasant commercial and residential areas in the town. Stretford has stopped being a half way house and is set to become a place in and of itself, a town with its own identity and its own very special way of doing things.

We still retain a hangover of the old Stretford, a sort of presupposition that one would only live in the area out of financial necessity, not out of choice. But I hope with the exciting influx of business alongside the longer standing community presence, the area will start to become a location that is once again sought after, rather than valued for its proximity to other destinations.

I hope though that Stretford manages to retain its amazing character in amongst all this commercial enterprise. After all this is a place where residents see issues and problems and instead of sitting back and watching their town go down hill, spring into action and organise their friends and neighbours to make an improvement. That’s not something that you see very regularly and it makes this a very special place to live.

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