It’s Sunday morning and I’m at on with the world

It’s Sunday morning and I’m kicking back on the charity shop sofa with a copy of yesterday’s  Guardian weekend that I managed to nick from home, listening to the soothing mix-CD made for me by that DJ down the road. The magazine is hitting a high note – just the right level of medium brow with a heart warming story from the bloke who invented the loom band. I might make myself a coffee in a bit, might even have that Wrigley’s meat and potato pie that I forgot to give out as snacks on Friday – warmed in the microwave with Worcester sauce squeezed into the gap between the filling and the pastry – after all, it is Sunday!

There’s something wonderful about Sunday mornings at Sip Club. Clean up after Saturday’s various debaucheries is never quite as arduous as expected, the process of reorganising the somewhat chaotic chair arrangement imbues the room with a sense of order and calm. The tension and adrenalin that fills the weekend, eases gently away in the morning sunshine. One more weekend is gone without major incident or accident. No-one got too drunk and fell down the stairs, and yet another cask beer emergency was eventually resolved without any disappointed beer drinkers storming out into the night in search of a more professional ale set up. All those beer spills and wine spots that made the room look a bit sad when I left late last night are easily cleared up with a bit of elbow grease and a fresh table cloth. The high dramas that inevitably hit at about 8.30pm on a Friday night are suddenly insignificant on Sunday – everybody had a nice time, and after all, it’s only beer…

Monday stretches before me like a holiday in Bermuda; 43 whole hours without pulling a single pint. 43 hours until I remember that I had been promising myself I would sort out the accounts this weekend and actually I spent my day off playing computer games in my pyjamas. 43 hours until it’s 6pm on Tuesday and I’m standing behind the bar, refreshed and revived, ready to start the week over.

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