There’s no I in team

The last two weeks have been a confused combination of having too much to do and not having enough to do. As the new members of our team settle into their environment and take control behind the bar, I find my pint pulling skills are needed less and less. Yet the challenges associated with having employees have taken up a considerable amount of time – writing rotas, working out payroll, staff training – you name it, there are any number of things that keep me behind the laptop. As a result, life has taken on a somewhat more serious twist Instead of hanging around behind the bar, having a chat and a glass of wine, I’m writing to-do lists for whichever member of staff is opening up, and plotting about how best to pay all these new mouths I have to feed.

Having staff is fun though! It is a quite wonderful feeling to take a night away from the bar and return to busy/ happy members of staff, serving happy, relaxed customers. It has been wonderful to watch Krista, my apprentice, blossom in the last few months. And it is a fantastic thought that, by providing a fulfilling workplace, you can make people happy and confident in both their professional and their personal lives.

My old boss has been counselling me through the finer points of my status as an accidental entrepreneur and diagnoses this stage as the adolescence of my business. The proceeding months will be sink or swim  – either I’ll adapt to my new role and roll with the punches or the business will implode under my inability to deal with having people do things in a slightly different way to that I would choose if I were completing the task. He has prescribed extensive reading of a range of self help books in order to get tips on management, prioritising and business as a job rather than an all consuming lifestyle.

In 6 months time, I’ll have a look back at this post, I wonder how much will have changed.

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