Whisky tasting 4th June

The first whisky tasting will be on June 4th from 8pm (within spitting distance of Father’s day…) in The Common Room at Sip Club. It will be an introduction to whisky and whisky tasting run by Manchester’s whisky shop. I’ve done a few tastings with this company over the years and they’re always awesome fun and very relaxed. There will be six good whiskies to try; a shot of each. The session will be £20 and includes nibbles to soak up all that whisky. If it looks like there is too much demand for just one session, we will be running a second tasting on Wednesday June 18th, looking more specifically at peaty whiskies.

Tickets are on a first come first serve basis and can be reserved by emailing me on heather [at] thesipclub.co.uk. I’ll need the full balance to be paid up ASAP or by Wednesday May 28th but if you’re unable to attend and I can shift your ticket, I’m happy to refund the money. Please pay by dropping by the bar. If this is an issue just let me know and we’ll sort out an alternative payment method

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